Marketing Communication Plan & Strategy

     When you are reading a bedtime story book to a 7 year old child, you will set the tone of your voice in a loving and soft manner.

Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes it will quite animatic. The book you read will also have plenty of beautifully crafted illustrations or pictures.


     If you are conducting a business presentation for potential investors, the whole setting will certainly change. Sounds logic, right?

The same principles apply in crafting a material you intend to use to influence potential customers.

You have understand which, out of the bulk of features and benefits, from your product will appeal most to your customers.

Never bet on just spending advertisement or promotion budget on sporadic activities. Prepare a plan.

     Firstly, you also have to select who you will be speaking to. Speaking to a child and to an investor is very different. The same goes for customers. Even if they are both male college students living in Jakarta; one loves to party and hang out with friends while the other reads and is a tech geek.


     We will help you unearth how your product can provide a need for a certain customer segment and position it uniquely compared to you competitors. Only from there, we can lay a plan for a certain period of time – typically 1 year long with the activities needed to support the achievement of your business goals.

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